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My story about the time I was hired to investigate why a house for sale was lingering on the market for 8 months.  The client really wanted to move into a brand-new condo.  At our first meeting, we took a tour of her lovely house.  It was obvious to me that it was too hard for buyers to tour the house because of all of the things that were orderly, but void of space of empty space.
When I explained that house hunters need more room to imagine their own things, we created a new plan.  Moving fast we worked to re-launch her house in a fresh light.  At first, she thought it looked too cold. Trusting my process we relaunched the house for sale and immediately started getting showing appointments.  What happened next surprised me. 
She shared that she no longer wanted to move from her home of 30 years. She confessed that it never looked so good and she had not changed anything in the house except family photos.  She hoped I would not be upset if she decided to stay a while and enjoy the company and hosting friends and family.  "My house never looked this good!"  
The truth is that her burden of living with all the things boxed her emotionally after her husband died.  Now she could not enjoy a manageable life right where she was!

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