How Outdoor Living Trends Affect the Sale of a House

Homebuyers form an emotional connection to homes that feature current trends and can increase the likelihood of a buyer making an offer.  According to a recent study about “Popularity of Special-Function Rooms among Today’s Homeowners”,* an outdoor “Living Room” (or space) is at the top of the list followed by Mud Rooms, which may be no coincidence.
So, how does a home seller take advantage of this information when selling? In my experience, the answer is to embrace outdoor living-space trends when possible to net the most buyers and highest sales price. Here are a few examples of what buyers are looking for this season:

1. Front Porch Living

The nostalgia of the front porch has captured the hearts of many who are looking to be a part of a neighborhood. Creating space with a few chairs and a table for a shared cup of coffee or wine is a great way to embrace this trend. Buyer’s also think about holidays like Halloween and decorating the front porch or lawn for the local trick or treaters. The picture shown is of my front porch addition. We use it all the time when people stopover. I enjoy changing the style just like an interior room.

2. Fire Pit Passion

Almost every first-time buyer I meet is looking for the best space for a fire pit. When a house already has one, regardless of whether it’s fancy or not, their eyes light up. Sellers can embrace this one by investing in a simple fire pit and putting a few chairs around it. Another seller tip is to invest in trendy string lights. Leave the lights on (even if it’s not too dark.)

3. Fences for Furry Friends (AKA: Dogs)

If you are fortunate to have a fence of any kind, in the average or above condition, a home buyer may choose your house over a similar one. The reason is that our precious pups are driving millennials out of the city and into the ‘burbs so that they can run around and everyone can hang out in the backyard without worry. If you don’t believe me, ask anyone with a dog! The cost of fencing is expensive. Having a fence immediately reduces the expenses for the next homeowner.
If you are thinking of selling in spring or summer, it’s a great idea to add trendy touches like herb gardens and corn hole games. If you own a pool, I have good news- younger buyers are happy to have a pool that they can also enjoy with their dogs! These trends may also inspire you if you will be attending a summer wedding or house warming party. Outdoor living is so 2019!

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